Hello everyone, tell me how to do it, I have a container:

<div id = "text"> <p> бла бла бла тут типо тектс </p> </div> 

And to do so, if suddenly there is a long sentence, so that the text does not go beyond the frame of this div'a, but simply transferred to another line? I have already tried overflow, but it does not help, I include scroll or auto, it still does everything in line, if I write hidden, then in general the text is cut off. And how to make it transferred?

Here is the problem itself:

alt text

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  • Here thanks a lot! Everything works fine! : =) - Angus123 September
  • word-wrap breaks in parts and transfers very very long long-term words to another line, it has nothing to do with your "long sentences", except that this sentence consists of only one long word - zippp
  • You can see another htmlbook.ru/css/word-break - zloctb

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Try word-wrap

    Set the width of the element "div" - <div style="width: 300px">..

    • No, it did not help. - Angus123