I installed myself C ++ Builder XE in the hope of mastering BOOST (it is attached to the distribution). Trying to compile an example from the distribution:

// simple_example_1.cpp #include<iostream> #include<boost/tokenizer.hpp> #include<string> using namespace std; using namespace boost; int main(){ string s = "This is, a test"; tokenizer<> tok(s); for(tokenizer<>::iterator beg=tok.begin(); beg!=tok.end();++beg) cout << *beg << "\n"; } 

The program should cut the line into spaces.

When compiling, the file tuple.hpp opens and on the lines:

 #include <boost/fusion/include/tuple.hpp> #include <boost/fusion/include/std_pair.hpp> 

show an error, like I can open the file along these paths. These paths are indeed absent. Maybe some macro in the source is not enough?

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    #define BOOST_TR1_USE_OLD_TUPLE in front of the included boost'a .

    • Thank you, never doubted your competence! - BuilderC