Is it possible to make such a glass effect through CSS?

alt text

I have this part of the code:

<div class='osnova'> <a href='..'>в траве сидел кузнечик..</a></div> 

If I increase transparency in a div, then the text also becomes transparent, even though in <a> I still thrust

 opacity 1.0 

Tell me, how can you avoid the text becoming transparent with the background?

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    I already asked a similar question: Remove opacity from child divs? As @invincible said you need to use in the opacity not #RGB colors but RGBA .
    For example:

     background-color: rgba(119, 204, 255, 0.8); 
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    The transparency of an element extends to all its child elements. Therefore, you need to create another block on which you will hang the transparency and place it under your "osnova" block with the layer below.

    See an example here.