How to make a route to an existing URL, bypassing the standard route to the controller?

The situation is this: There is a url, i.e. On my site there is a folder with demos that does not belong to Kohana, but lies in the root of the site, sometimes I need to display some demo page from there, bypassing everything and everyone, the standard route is done like this:

// РОУТЫ НА ДЕМКИ Route::set('demoform','demo/php/form/index.html') ->defaults(array( 'controller' => 'mycontroller', 'action' => 'index', )); 

Here is a snag, in fact I would like to substitute a blank url instead of defaults , is it possible?

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    So it seems that routs are not needed at all - if the files physically exist, all requests will go to them directly bypassing Kohana

    • the fact is that no matter what, Kohana will send me to some route, and not to a physically existing file. - Smash
    • I had a thought in general in .htaccess to register this link and not to suffer (although this also needs help). I just have 50 routes. - Smash
    • although you said everything correctly, I did not understand why my link does not work, but the route works, it’s just that the link was wrong. Thanks for the help! - Smash