In general, the task is this: the user ticks the files that he needs, clicks a button and gets them for download (as an archive, for example). I think to do this: in PHP, we generate a text file list and pass it to the python script for processing, which should do all the work with the files. Tell me, is this the right approach?

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    I don’t know how much this is the right approach, but I’d hardly do that, and if the user check-bauxite files, then it’s easiest to put the names of these files in a database or a separate file, and then to make an assembly on the selected check boxes, an example Build: jquery ui download .

    • His question is more about whether to transfer work on files to python. And big loading? In general, you can do everything in php. If there is time, try duplicating the python code and comparing the speed. In fact, you do not need a python. More precisely: the main weak point will be archiving files. Here it is and check for speed. Unfortunately I did not work with python, I can’t say about speed. - forum3
    • Files - and so they are listed in the database. In fact, when a user selects files, PHP calls the database and generates paths to them. Yes, the question is more on the load - I assume that it will fly out according to the running time of PHP. Load - at a time about 100-200 files. + to this, they are copied over the network Windows ball from another server. By the way, is PHP able to access Windows with authorization? - namesmile