Good day.

I ask for advice on short textbooks on computer networks. I am a programmer, but I’m not so good with an understanding of how networks work and protocols. I want to pull myself up.

No textbooks on 1k sheets are needed, I want to read cohesive material and quickly find out what DHCP, DNS, WINS, Gateways, DNS suffixes are, and so on. Of course, I could just go through Wikipedia and read the definitions, but it would not be completely connected, I want to know what happens from the moment a patchcord is plugged into the network card and until the Internet is accessed, what the OS does and what sometimes it takes manual. If they have met, please advise.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • Are you interested in the software aspect? That is, the protocols of the OSI model and how to work with them. Or how to crimp cables, configure routers, lay networks? - manking

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E. Tanenbaum "Computer Network"

    The shortest of the useful to me friends is J. Sneider "Effective TCP / IP Programming" - approximately 300 pages.
    In general, the very well-chewed material - D.Camer "TCP / IP Networks" - already has pages 800, but who's stopping to select individual chapters of interest, in particular, at the beginning of the book, the mechanism of networking from scratch is well and accessible, for the first time will be enough.