I make the game on java) I use Slick (additional library). From under the IDE, everything starts fine. But I tried to make a jar, so it did not start (I did this "Project-> Export-> Jave-> Runnuble jar". I made all libraries packaged in jar (this thing is selected before creating the jar). The weight of the jar changed, but everything I didn’t start up (I wrote the main class to the manifesto — I couldn’t collect everything with my hands. I never did it. I didn’t do it by means of IDE?

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Create JAR file in Java & Eclipse - here is how to do it. Right button on the project -> Export -> Java -> jar file.

If it does not start, then tell at least something for the error.

Better to use some kind of build system, for example: Ant , Maven , Gradle .

  • jar then it creates, and the library puts it into something that does not work) Most likely the program is using openGL libraries and the path to them is not explicitly specified either in the program (in the IDE) or in the manifest) The path to them is specified in the Virtual Machines like "-Djava, library.path =. / Natives". I connected this library to a lesson. - whispeer

when creating a jar file there you need to tick one of the three iu items so that the libraries are imported into jar then it will work well for you on other computers as well!