When the job description is written:

Basic knowledge of C # and the .NET Framework

What specific knowledge and skills do you need to have?

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  • Well, how GC is arranged, for example, do you know? - Costantino Rupert

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Get an entry level certificate. Like Microsoft Cerified Application Developer or Microsoft Technology Associates, this will be just a basic level.

Googling and go online a couple of testing testikov and all understand what you need to know.

    Times: C # Language Specification 4.0 .

    Two: .NET Framework 4 .

    Three: .NET Framework Guidelines and Best Practices .

    English is still necessary to know. This is a purely specialized information, ideally, you still need to understand the basic principles of building this language, such as automatic garbage collection or the fact that there are no global variables, multiple inheritance, operator overload, there are practically no implicit type conversions, etc.

    In general, this question should be asked at the interview, and not on the forum of programmers. He is too vague and can be answered as you like.

    Another pretty funny famous document. Matrix of competence programmer. Junior is 2 ^ N (left column). Of course, very arbitrary and controversial, but applicable to all developers, not just .NET

    • I honestly think that even Jon Skeet doesn’t know the full C#, spec C#, so this is a waste of time. - Costantino Rupert
    • @ Kotik_khohet_kushat Yes, of course, reading these 500 pages from the screen (and any other specifications) is an idiotic occupation, but at least there it is possible to find the answer to the question on the topic. And in general, the answer to this question should be asked at the interview and not on the programmers' forum. He is too vague. - igumnov
    • @igumnov In the specification, you can find the answer to your question, when you know what to look for. And people who know what to look for usually do not have questions like "What you need to know for a Junior C# Developer'a job?" :) - Costantino Rupert
    • @ Kotik_khohet_kusat Fluently reviewing its content very quickly you understand what you can find. And this can be quite useful for a beginner. Although of course the practice can not be replaced by reading the contents of the specification. - igumnov