A quick search found several different options, there is no time to test different plug-ins, and the lack of experience with the standard is unlikely to immediately determine + and - different programs. Advise a good and simple program for working with mercurial, integration with the studio is highly desirable.

  • The .hgignore file was created using echo "helllo"> .hgignore. Through GUI did not want = \ - AlexDenisov

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  • I put a few, but I can’t figure out how to do a commit or push ... I don’t see them at all in the studio ... - AlexDenisov
  • one
    The VisualHg toolbar should be added to the VS2010 toolstrip. It will look something like this: visualhg.codeplex.com/documentation - Eugene Cheverda
  • already figured out, thanks. - AlexDenisov

I chose HgSccPackage for myself , who thinks about this plugin?

  • I've been using it for a month already, a rather convenient plugin, it performs perfectly all its tasks, I highly recommend it! - ArtFeel