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What can read Russian about Python + QT? It is desirable about PySide. And another question: are there any significant differences between PyQT and PySide?

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    By PyQt there is a book Prokhorenka. By PySide not met.

    • Are there any fundamental differences between PyQT and PySide? - LiGhT_WoLF pm
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      To be honest, I didn't deal with QtSide, so I can't say competently. - skegg
    • A couple of years ago when I felt PySide in it sometimes something was missing. But it could be my krivorukost, IMHO if you know Qt then at least PySide, at least PyQt ... - kolofut
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      I wrote on both. The difference comes down to from PyQt4 import and from PySide import. everything. - spirit