Now I have such nonsense: Questions:

  1. How to make the picture is not duplicated?
  2. How to make the height of the cap was clearly limited?

I will make a reservation right away, you need to adjust it: here for this:

Who can help? Achieved this: Questions:

  1. How to return the quality.
  2. How to make the edging around the cap as shown?

  • This is not work, but experience. I am new and gain experience. Unfortunately, I did not find any information on the Internet, I came here. And do not want to clutter up the comments. Search (bg_header.gif) did not find anything. - fiera
  • If you are learning layout, then this is the most inimitable way that you could think of. Typeset neat layouts from scratch, for a start, until you wake up feeling confident. - Cypher
  • I will accept your advice, but I beg you to help me solve this problem. - fiera
  • And you tried from the very beginning just to replace the file with what you need. This is the first. Secondly, does the administrator in the forum itself have no settings for uploading a new logo through the admin area or something like that? - Cypher
  • There is. The image there is selected. - fiera

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All through CSS. Using the Firebug tool (firefox - plugin, chrome - builtin) look for the right selector and add properties:

1. background-repeat: no-repeat; 2. height: 200px; 
  • no-repeat is worth, but duplicated. maybe because I'm in Z: \ home \ \ www \ styles \ prosilver \ theme \ images I used the file bg_header.gif as a header? How to remove just such a thing? In order not to answer a bunch of my questions, you can tell how to convert this: , into this: - fiera
  • Link to the picture that you give - link to the local file of your computer. In any case, whatever picture there is in the background, it repeats. This property is removed, as I indicated in the answer. Try adding! Important to get it like this: background-repeat: no-repeat! Important; - Cypher
  • Did as you said. As you can see, everything remained in place. - fiera
  • Well within the limits of one dl it should work, yes. See firebug for the code that affects other images. - Cypher
  • Pieces were caused by either the border-radius property of one of the blocks (look for firebug, th), or a cut-out corner of the picture (rummaging in folders with pictures, maybe it would be easier to find it). - Cypher