How best to accept mail and gut the body of the letter? Ideally, I want to cut and save locally all pictures from the body of the letter. If I don’t think with the analysis of the letter of problems, then I don’t even know how to receive mail of a specific mailbox.

  • You can take it in the same place where it was sent. - Smash
  • I plan to send letters from the scanner, it has a turbo button, and I want to receive it in the office. So, the better to take the mail that would be in the same cut it and cut it into pieces? - oldzas

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I would process letters on imap.

php has imap_ * functions for working with a mailbox. php cookbook

    You can accept any email client who can send a received letter to external utilities for processing. But if you want your own, and certainly in PHP, then look towards PECL :: POP3 , or here .