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    on javascript - Gorets
  • did some simple things for web sites on js and for some reason did not even suspect that plugins are written on it. Thank you, happy :) - Jeremen1
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    Then it is usually called not plug-ins (plugin), but extensions (extension) or add-ons (add-on). - drdaeman 7:09 pm

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If we are talking about the so-called. NPAPI plug-ins or its derivatives - on any. The condition is the ability to create a dynamically loadable library (.dll / .so) that implements and exports a number of functions with a specific API .

In practice, C is most often used as the most used to developers.

If we are talking about so-called. extensions ( 1 , 2 ) - as a rule, in JavaScript, or, alternatively, compiled into it languages .

More often than not, it seems more rational to write an extension than a plugin. A plugin is needed if you need something rather specific, such as video encoding, or working with computer devices.