Hello! The site works under the control of cms joomla 1.5 + virtuemart 1.1.6, added a filter on the parameters of the product, for example http://www.kover2.mnogomesta.ru/component/virtuemart/22- , tell me how you can prohibit the button "Pick up" If the filter has "default" values ​​(i.e., any length, any width, any shape, any price, all manufacturers)? It seems like an Ajax is necessary, but I would not like to fasten the Aayakstut. Can there be any solution for it easier? Sincerely.

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    Well, you need to remember the default values ​​and compare the values ​​from the filter with the default values ​​before testing.

    • those. it is possible for the submit () event to prescribe a function that simply returns false if it matches the default values. Understood thanks! ... at first I just started thinking about the fact that the attribute disabled = "disabled" was added there and hung on it. =)) - maler1988