Please tell me which command to set in cron so that it connects to the system/test.php file?

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    If you just need to add a task to cron, run the command

     crontab -e 

    There you add the data about the launch schedule of the team. For example, I want to run the script at 5 hours 0 minutes on Mondays. Then I will add this entry:

     # mh dom mon dow command 0 5 * * 1 /home/backup/ 


     m - минуты 0-59 h - часы 0-23 dom - день месяца 1-31 mon - месяц 1-12 dow - день недели 0-7 (0-Вс, 1-Пн, 2-Вт, 3-Ср, 4-Чт, 5-Пт, 6-Сб, 7-Вс) 

    All you need to do is select the start time and replace with the desired command.

      The command should be written in this format:

       /usr/bin/php path_to_file/файл_который_ты_хочешь_запустить`