In the version control system Mercurial, Russian letters are displayed incorrectly. I work on the command line. When I write the description in Russian. Then I look at the output of hg log and I see in the summary gibberish. I tried hg log --encoding=utf-8 , nothing changes. How to win?

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    If this happens under windows, then you probably do not match the console encoding (866) and the one in which you make a comment at a commit (1251 most likely). You can switch the console to 1251 with the command > chcp 1251 . Or output comments in 866 encoding: > hg log --encoding=866

    • Thanks, it helped. With this figured out, now another got out. Now the problem is on the bitbucket site itself when viewing Files Changed, when changes in the file with + in the beginning and in green are shown. In this mode, again not the encoding. Although just when viewing the file encoding is normal. - komka