What is CGI? I read the article from the wiki and did not understand anything. And what does PHP set as CGI?

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  • Apache will not die while there are hosters. It is possible to install php-frm, but again there is nothing about the server in the question, but we always guess about the Apache. It's better to install nginx, configure it, but the whole thing needs to be tested. The increase in the performance of php care as a module, it gives only 5%, which is low and bothering is meaningless. Moreover, the increase can be on a test project, but on a real site the increase will be several times smaller, as proved by practice. because In some things, things don't work the way we want. You can offer options for a long time, test the options are usually a unit of 1000, so ... - Artem

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And what does PHP set as CGI?

This means that hosting can not make the normal configuration of php and bind it to the Apache. each script will have to specify


so that all this mess will work.

Better linking php to apache as a module. read a little here

And what is not clearly written here ?

Last question, why do you need it if you do not understand it? Just for "To know!" Or are there any other options?

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Generally, CGI means technology that allows a web server to interact with ordinary executable programs and scripts that are written in virtually any programming language.

Those. For example, if any Vasya knows neither PHP nor ASP , but knows C++ or Pascal perfectly and understands HTML at least a little, he can make a program that will generate his dynamic website into the console. The web server, when requesting this site, executes this program, and the result of its work (console output) is returned to the client who requested it.

This is what the warning says.

PHP is installed as CGI

those. when requesting any PHP page, the web server will execute the php program, instead of transferring control to the PHP module.

those. on each page the web server will create a new process. Not all systems are optimized for such interaction programs, so it is considered such a method expensive.