Help me find the most common text compiler for C ++. I had Borland Visual C ++ and others (visual), and the self-help manual that I have is designed for text editing the source code. What is a small text and simple compiler for learning C ++ advise?

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    There are no text compilers. An ordinary compiler is present in any package of the visual environment. In any case, it is a separate program that breaks the source code and gives the machine code that the computer perceives. And the compiler can be called manually. Parameters are set via the command line. Simply in the case of visual environments, the compiler's call is hidden and its entire output goes through the visual environment.

    In addition, Borland Visual C ++ is not. There are Borland C ++, Borland / Inprise / Embarcadero C ++ Builder and Microsoft Visual C ++ (included in MS Visual Studio). These are the most famous IDEs for C / C ++.

    PS: if you have Linux, the easiest way is to use gcc / g ++. It is very easy to use:

    gcc source_file.c


    • For windows, take the MinGW - avp

    dev c ++


      • there - cygwin? - gecube