When debugging an example of a console application, incomprehensible signs appear in the console instead of Russian letters. Instead of Oranges are not the only fruits, and all we have, fruit when debugging in the console is the wrong encoding. How to fix it?

#include <iostream> using std::cout; using std::endl; int main() { int apples, orange; int fruit; apples = 5; orange = 6; fruit = apples + orange; cout << endl; cout << "Апельсины не единственные фрукты......" << endl << "- и всего у нас " << fruit << " фруктов."; cout << endl; return 0; } 
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    How did you get this question, honestly, to the depths of the soul ... - AlexDenisov
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    In general, @Vezd deserves more. Since the phrase "Oranges are not the only fruits" for designating such questions seems to me very appropriate - alexlz

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And in Google, so do not count.

  • Yes, and HashCode had a lot of answers (and better than these 2). But how to quickly find them? - avp