How to enable background data restriction programmatically?

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    Around the questions: what kind of data? What background is meant? Re-write the question more precisely and specifically - Barmaley
  • Just who is sitting on the android probably understood. Background data, meaning receiving data via the mobile Internet in the background. - maza51
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    who sits in the android is not who and what is not understood. :) you just want to make a firewall? - Gorets
  • Google suggests that this can not be done programmatically. [android api set mobile data limit] (… ) - ReinRaus

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This is a firewall - this can be done, but it is better to take ready-made programs. phone access must be rooted

  • For example, Avast! Mobile Security . Only for this, the phone must be rutovan, then it is possible for each app (or for all together) to set a ban on access to the network. - Barmaley