Hello! Please tell me where you can read about how to install sphinx ( http://sphinxsearch.com/) on the hosting. And in general, is it possible for any hosting? We have unix hosting masterhost. It is necessary to implement a search taking into account the morphology of the Russian language and the output of results taking into account the relevance.

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    It's funny, but it was my first work task as a programmer.
    On Unix and BSD put from repositories and ports, respectively.
    Check this point with the one who configured your OS or hoster.
    Here are the links that I find useful.
    How to put.
    How to put in the Russian version
    How to setup
    Official documentation
    Examples of working with the engine
    Another example
    And further
    And this
    IMHO any competent programmer from the time in this thing can figure it out.

    • Thank you very much! True, our hoster replied that it was impossible for us to deliver sphinx, did not specify why. - masha2

    I feel, with your skills, this module will be extremely problematic to deliver. Need a specialist. Also I will say that it is not for any hosting. Here you need to discuss already with the hoster.

    • Thank. Do you need a specialist - a sysadmin? - masha2
    • The programmer of course :) The system administrator is busy with the glands. - lampa
    • My task is to organize a search in the database, taking into account the morphology of the Russian language and the output of the results by relevance. Maybe you can solve it in some simpler ways? - masha2
    • I advise you to see what is on the Internet for: "search by database, taking into account morphology". I found this: notes.rudomilov.ru/2007/08/16/… - lampa