Hello. I draw a certain shape on the Image component, it is necessary to add the possibility of skolling the drawn shape. I added a ScrollBox to the form, I shoved an Image into it ( like this ), but the image never scrolled, it was a bit different, but it didn’t work. How can I add scoll?

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    First you need to make the size of the TImage as your picture. And then, if TImage goes beyond the TScrollBox's boundaries, sliders will appear in the TScrollBox, and you can normally scroll the image.

    • Well, I did it, nothing happens anyway ((maybe I’m doing something wrong - KoCaTKo
    • Does TImage have the AutoSize property enabled? have the scrollbar component of the TScrollBox enabled property Visible? - teanYCh
    • AutoSize true, visible true - KoCaTKo

    Apparently, the size of the Image component itself does not exceed the size of the ScrollBox ... try to programmatically increase the size of the Image.
    Image1.width: = ...; Image1.height: = ...

    • gave nothing (( - KoCaTKo
    • I have everything "gave". If the size of the content exceeds the size of the scrollbox, then sliders appear ... - Vladyslav Matviienko

    Image1.align -> alnone and scrolls appeared