Good evening. Faced a problem. The swf file, when called, considers that the index page is its native directory and tries to load its files from the root of the site (not lying there).

That is, after the call: root / settings.xml And, accordingly, an error.

I call a very simple code found on the Internet.

<object width = "600" height = "213"> <param name = "movie" value = "root / flashxml / imagescrollerfx / ImageScrollerFX.swf" /> </ object>

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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    The first time I did not answer. This SWF is compiled with a cipher for some files, and compilers do not take it (could only delete the image-copyright).

    The question was solved in general, simply using an iframe.

      Decompile SWF, and change the required values, or read the dock on this SWF file (if any) in order to show him the way ...