Prompt with the implementation: the task is to edit the .doc document (.docx) from the web page. Let me explain, the user enters the page and sees input fields (like MS Office) in front of him, edits in his own way, the document is generated and the user receives a download link. In general, as in Google Docs). Required MS IE browser.
Tell me, is it possible to implement this in .ASP?

  • Microsoft Office Web Apps? Implement everything is possible, depends on the skills and desires) - stck

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This can be done using the Open XML SDK — it allows you to edit documents from Office 2007 packages and above. This can be implemented using ASP.NET (I don’t know about pure ASP) As for the .doc documents, I can’t say anything here - I only worked with Office 2007-2010 documents, but Open XML will not help here. Here, as far as I know, you need to work with COM libraries.