Problem: on the website, ads are cut off browser browser data (AdBlock and others)

How to make that doodatoki not cut off my advertising on the site?

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    You can’t prevent the cutting of ads, after all, the user's browser is free to interpret HTML as he pleases.

    You can, however, make the task for the browser more difficult: place ads on your site, use the same ways as non-advertising pictures, etc. However, a sufficiently technically advanced user will bypass this.

    Personally, when I come across a site that actively counteracts blocking ads, I simply stop visiting it. So think about whether advertising is important to you?

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      [What kind of advertising is considered “unobtrusive”?] [1] [1]: adblockplus.org/ru/acceptable-ads - mantigatos
    • 80 - 90% on the site are new users and advertising is not intrusive - Web-Oleg
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      @ Dima: then maybe it makes sense to talk to the adblockplus developers and convince them to add you to the list of unobtrusive ads? Wladimir Palant, as far as I understand, is also fluent in Russian and Ukrainian at the elementary level (if suddenly English is not your fad). - VladD

    usually cut by file name (adv / advertise and many others), there are IP / web addresses of sites blocked in the program

    approximate solution: use non-standard paths, do not use adv / advert / in the names, etc., do not get into the blacklist :)