Without specifying the size of the pictures are displayed. But with the size:

<button>Like<img style="position:absolute;width:2%;heigh" src="fl.png"></button> 

Pictures disappear. How to be?

  • The first thing that comes to mind is not to use IE8. But seriously - it is difficult to judge only by this line. You need to see the whole picture. - zhenyab
  • And why not hang the background button ?? - koza4ok
  • I do not need a background. I need a text + picture - kandi
  • absolute relative to a common parent - koza4ok
  • and which of the elements in the hierarchy have position: relative? And what is the "heigh" in styles? - zhenyab

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You should look at the presence of display: block; and the height of the element img, just check the nesting of lowercase in block elements, as well as the presence of clearly top, left, z-index (for an element with absolute it should be greater than that of the parent), the presence of position: relative; at parent