How to remove the menu from the standard Win32 application, which is created by Visual Studio 2010.

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Using the standard CreateWindow function, I write this:

hWnd = CreateWindow(szWindowClass, szTitle, WS_POPUP, CW_USEDEFAULT, 0, CW_USEDEFAULT, 0, NULL, NULL, hInstance, NULL); 

WS_POPUP - style, meaning the time window, it should not have a menu, but as you can see on the screenshot, the window is created from the menu.
How to ensure that there is no menu?

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    Honestly too lazy to create. If I am not mistaken in the CreateWindow function in the 9th parameter, the menu is indicated. Replace the value with 0 and the menu should disappear. Parameter HMENU hMenu.

    • There NULL stands initially) I asked a question, I remade it as a substitute) - BlackOverlord
    • Then zero here: in MyRegisterClass (), wcex.lpszMenuName should be zero. - mikelsv 4:03
    • This is awesome) Thank you very much) - BlackOverlord
    • And from the resources of another menu to delete - insolor