Good day! I am writing an application and I need to determine either the language already in the entered text (ru | en) or somehow define the keyboard language with which the user enters the text into the line. Does anyone know how this is done?

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    1. In android, you can determine the locale, on it to make a conclusion about the language
    2. A more reliable way is to take the entered text and, for example, to check the first letter of a word with a dictionary, if it is in Russian, it means Russian, if in English ...
    3. Maybe as it is possible to load Google for autodetection of words of the language)

    There is a special offer for this.

    There is an alternative

    • 1. Locale is the definition of location, and I need to find out the keyboard or the text itself. 2. And what's the dictionary? 3.Vot maybe yes .. but how .. - Kerins_Sataier
    • The @Kerins_Sataier locale is irrelevant to the location. Locale this Locale - Barmaley

    In fact, it is quite difficult to find which charset 's text belongs by the entered text. Google leads to several sources / ways

    • The link does not go, maybe because from the tablet .. - Kerins_Sataier
    • @Kerins_Sataier search keywords java charset detector - Barmaley