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There are two excel documents, each with a page (A4) of information. Is it possible to combine these two excel-documents into one program?

  • There are modules for Python xlrd and xlwr. - skegg
  • And you can also copy and paste with the mouse, this is for general information, as the tags are unclear and the python is offered) - Gorets
  • Sure you may. IMHO, the easiest way is with built-in Excel scripts (VBA). Here you can only combine in different ways, I do not know what exactly you need. - ganouver
  • We need the simplest program: in the console, for example, we write "7" and it connects two defined excel-file - Avtostopom_do_Raya
  • How do you want to connect them? Copy the whole page? Or add cell values? Or copy the data from one document and paste at the end of the second? - tean8

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The Internet is full of information on this issue, you just have to not be lazy and google.