How to draw windows in C ++ in Visual Studio?

  • In Basic, there is a Form Application.
  • Delphi has a Form Application
  • In Borland C ++, there is a Form Application.

Where in Visual Studio is there something similar, and not the last century MFC?

C # is not that. I need a clean exe output. Which would work without NET. For example, on Windows XP 2006. In short, you need to get a regular program like, for example, in Delphi 7.

Is there such a thing in Visual Studio? And what is a sting to make it happen?

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  • who needs it MFC, when the main thing now is to quickly write an application and sell? not that time already - sdgdfshfgshdf
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    @sdgdfshfgshdf Well, good luck with selling your apps. - Costantino Rupert
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    You tell me how your office is called so that I accidentally did not buy. - skegg
  • > I need a clean exe on output. Try windows.h , they say it's a good thing. Here @ Kotik_hokhet_kushat will not lie. - Nofate
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    QtCreator? - KoVadim

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  • A "clean" VCL Forms Application on Delphi 7 pulls along a bunch of fun rtl70.bpl files.

  • If you drop the WinForms and WPF (and if you don’t use third-party Qt / wxWidgets ), the choice is usually between MFC, WTL or pure WinAPI .

  • well what it costs and does not stand up but what about linux? I need to enable the program to run not only on Windows - sdgdfshfgshdf
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    @sdgdfshfgshdf You forgot to add the "Great Joke" picture to your comment. - Costantino Rupert
  • @sdgdfshfgshdf, look , suddenly like it? By the way, it is embedded in C (and in linux, you can establish interaction between the modules by pty). - avp
  • @ Kotik_chocher_kuat> "Clean" VCL Forms Application on Delphi 7 pulls with itself a bunch of fun files like rtl70.bpl. This is if you only specifically go and put a tick. With the builder do not confuse? - KoVadim
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    @KoVadim - Well, it meant that even in the case of a disabled "tick" to the exeшнику empty Forms Application'а all VCL components used are statically linked (that is, implicitly, all these rtl70.bpl are present in the final application). - Or did I mess up something? - Costantino Rupert