Dear experts! My background appears when assigning the status of VIP - ads. I want to make the image appear with the background (VIP icon). How to do it right? Below the highlighting code ...

do { if (isset ($row_Recordset1['id'])) { if($row_Recordset1['vip']) $vip_fon='bgcolor="#fffbd1"'; else $vip_fon=''; /////////////////// VIP FON 

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    And the solution is not related to php. In php, you can only assign a variable to some kind of image or class for later use in html.

    In general, it is html + css

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    Compare and find out WHAT you need to do ....

    • @thunder condition refers to php, and the fact that the vehicle has the wrong approach to implementation is another matter! - Palmervan
    • the condition is not true in the end. we do not know how it changes the background, where, in what ... so far the answer to the question if ($ row_Recordset1 ['vip']) {$ vip_fon = 'bgcolor = "# fffbd1"'; $ vip_pic = 'my_cool_vip_picture.jpg'; } else {$ vip_fon = ''; $ vip_pic = ''; } - thunder