In drawable-mdpi, etc. There are pictures for various screens. The application also has an activity with thumbnails of these pictures. As the thumbnails, the images themselves are loaded and artificially compressed ( ImageButton with the setAdjustViewBounds(true) attribute setAdjustViewBounds(true) ). For the xhdpi screen xhdpi in principle, there would be enough ldpi pictures as a preview, so as not to xhdpi power to reduce xhdpi -pictures. Is it possible to somehow force the application in a particular case, regardless of the type of screen, to load pictures from drawable-mdpi ?

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    Look toward Resources.getDrawableForDensity(int id, int density)

    PS Works only under API> = 15

      Put this picture only in the drawable-mdpi . Android itself will take it, but how it will stretch / squeeze you will need to have a look.

        Add to manifest and configure as desired

         <compatible-screens> <screen android:screenSize="small" android:screenDensity="ldpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="small" android:screenDensity="mdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="small" android:screenDensity="hdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="small" android:screenDensity="xhdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="normal" android:screenDensity="ldpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="normal" android:screenDensity="mdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="normal" android:screenDensity="hdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="normal" android:screenDensity="xhdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="large" android:screenDensity="ldpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="large" android:screenDensity="mdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="large" android:screenDensity="hdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="large" android:screenDensity="xhdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="xlarge" android:screenDensity="ldpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="xlarge" android:screenDensity="mdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="xlarge" android:screenDensity="hdpi"/> <screen android:screenSize="xlarge" android:screenDensity="xhdpi"/> </compatible-screens> 

          No matter how, all your pictures will be available at the same file: /// android_res / drawable address, which are not needed for this device will not be unpacked.