Tell me what and how to fix if you get an error: INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY , and in LogCat:

Package requires unavailable shared library failing

So much information rummaged, nothing intelligible. Help, pliz!

  • I forgot one more line about the checkbox: checkbox, unlock select the project and Android project (not a library project). - s01nyshko 4:02

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Hello. Try these steps:

  • Right click on the project -> Android tools -> Fix Project Properties . In the top, in Eclipse, select the menu item Project->Clean , tick the Clean projects selected below , select your project and click "OK".
  • Check again or the project was created for Google APIs , right click on the project ->Properties->Android . You can try to select Google APIs for a different version of Android . Also check the emulator, whether it is created correctly!
  • Well, the last thing I can advise is check your keys that you received to work with Google Maps , maybe you didn’t enter them correctly or received them somewhere.

P.S. Links for working with Google Maps: link1 , link2 - at the end of the post there are many useful links to Rus. articles, link3 , link4

  • Thank you for your understanding and efficiency! I checked the project - all the rules, on Google APIs minSDK 8, the emulator also corresponds to this version - but still it’s a mistake, the project doesn’t even start ((. Tell me, please, how to check the keys. - s01nyshko
  • I also want to clarify about the project version: minSDK 8, target 15. And the emulator should correspond to the minimum version, that is 8, did I understand this point correctly? - s01nyshko
  • Yes, you understood correctly, otherwise you would have an error that the version of the android on the emulator does not correspond to the minimum version of the android in the project. I added to the answer a few links to articles, which describes examples of working with Google Maps. - tigr240172
  • Thank you very much, I will check. - s01nyshko
  • tigr240172, special thanks !!! )) - s01nyshko

Solved the problem! It was this:

Next, set the project project to:

In the Package Explorer, right-click the library project and select Properties. In the Properties window, select the "Android" properties at right. Select the "is Library" checkbox and click Apply. Click OK to close the Properties window.

Maybe someone will come in handy and this nuance.

    Uzhs, the first link to request your error in Google: Shared library missing in android.

    In 2 words, on the emulator there is no card for the cards, so that would be, you need to create an emulator according to the instructions on the link above.

    • Hmm My application is based on the Google API, just like the emulator. Although in fact if you use the SDK, then the cards are included in it initially, as far as I understand. Now I have created a new emulator (according to the instructions), so he generally writes me "Android library projects cannot be launched". - s01nyshko
    • In general, I'm new to Android, so do not kick hard, please ... - s01nyshko