It is necessary to run through all the tabs of the browser in search of one variable. How to do it?

  • That is, to peep the contents of other tabs? Break the security? - KoVadim
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    The answer is: mouse. - istem
  • Why mouse, I need a program. may violate security, but I just need to look at which tabs my website is open, and the player plays to turn it off (player), as implemented by VKontakte - Catsys
  • Write variable in cookies. - barber
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    VK is implemented using the comet, as I understand it. - Sh4dow

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In VK, this is implemented through localstorage. What a perversion "to find out where the player is playing to run through all the tabs." When you turn on your player - save the value "on". When writing to the localstorage variable values ​​"off." - turn off the player.