There is a 3g modem from Huawey, the e160g model ( this one ) is unlocked, it will be flashed with the original firmware from huawey. Able to call the team ATD+79001234567; Answer an ATA call, reset the AT+CHUP .

The problem is as follows. How to output sound to a sound card and receive sound from a microphone, by what commands or what? On the modem naturally there are no connectors to the sound.
However, Huawey's native program allows you to make voice calls through a computer (via a computer sound card). How is this organized in it?

In the same way, you can sniff (listen / see) the commands that the program exchanges with the modem.

The book on the commands I use is not described in it (I rummaged everything, but maybe I missed something?).

I asked a similar question a long time ago, but I never received an answer ... I returned to old thoughts, I have a desire to realize it!

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    Most modems in Windows sit on the Unimodem driver. This driver supports sound (Voice Modem) via Wave Device. All control of the modem is ultimately carried out through the COM port directly or through TAPI. You can see in the device manager which port the modem is on. You can see which commands the program sends to the modem using the portmon utility. You need to connect to the modem port and listen to it, then the program will output the AT commands that it exchanges with the modem to the log.