Hello dear members! I have a question. There is a website, and I want it to be accessible to no one but this ip How to restrict access to them? And it is desirable that the inscription would be: "Have you played enough?" In the hosting panel is not possible to limit access.

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    You can do it through .htaccess ..

    Order Allow,Deny Allow from all Deny from 

    The inscription "Played enough?", Of course, will not be in this case ..

    You can still try:

     SetEnvIf REMOTE_ADDR REDIR="redir" RewriteCond %{REDIR} redir RewriteRule ^/$ /only_for_you.html 

    If the visitor has an IP address of, then only_for_you.html will be opened for him.

       if ($_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] == "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"){ exit("Message"); } 

      ps Minusanul for the lack of attempts.