Hello! Of course, I understand that it is a “greyhound”, but maybe someone has come across such a topic or is well-versed in this subject area.

Tell me, please, approximately what entities and connections are best to create for designing a database on a topic. Let it be very general, but I need to push off from something.

Thank you very much in advance! ;)

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    you define for yourself the goals of Polyclinic Management, what you will manage, what data to store, what reports you need to create, then everything will fall into place. And it is better to devote a lot of time to this process (in the sense of not regretting it), otherwise half of the project will turn out to be something ignorant and you may have to change the architecture. - Ale_x

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on entity:

  1. Doctor (specialist)
  2. Reception / Rooms
  3. A patient
  4. Directories

Binding TBL: 1-2, 2-3

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    You can expand the answer a little @akalend 5. Services provided 6. Cost of services 7. Applications for admission / treatment 8. Reviews / Questions / Complaints / Suggestions - istem
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    you can still keep a history of diseases ... statistics on diseases, deaths and births, this is the main reporting of the clinic, as well as the calculation of salary bonuses for paid services of doctors, accounting of stats, calculation of compliance with labor standards and calculation of processing premiums (23 patients were accepted out of 18 put, work 40 hours per 10,000 registered population, unfortunately - the doctors' rates are decreasing, and the population is increasing) ... let them first do the first, although with services this is correct - akalend