How to make it so that when you select an item in JComboBox, the list of items does not collapse. For example, in order to be able to select multiple elements.

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    JComboBox definitely not suitable for this. If you want the component to overlap the GUI part and not to be a combo box or JMenu , then the window will be the only solution, as far as I know. If you want the list to appear in the window, but look and hide as a combo box, then there are such tools in SWT. The only thing you will then need to think about is which element of the list to display in such a combo box as selected after hiding the list, if several elements have been selected.

      It is impossible, it is necessary JList .

      • Is it possible to make it look like a drop-down list? Just because it will take less space. Or is it better to open it in the dialog box? - shade88