Hello, I have a problem ... I don’t even know how to convey. In general, there is a program written using WPF-XAML. I have a PSD interface. Need to pull.

I understand that I need to go through the evolution of creating the interface itself in a program style. Hence the question - where to start? What kind of people to look for? Or what information to read or process?

I didn’t find anything on the Internet ... or maybe I was looking very badly, because in fact I can’t formulate the task itself. Although everyone writes about the creation of a program design on WPF that is easy.

Help, please, advice.

  • And what's the problem? Did you write the program yourself? Does she look like a picture? Not? What does not look like? Take a picture and substitute. - Gorets
  • It is written with the help of MahApps.Metro ... Is it possible to safely remove MahApps support and implement your design ... This is probably the problem itself - I don’t know the basics of integration, or write everything on Xaml? - Aios

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If the interface in question is mostly static elements, that is, it is a picture that should be organically embedded in WPF, then it is reasonable to take and instruct the designer to draw it not in PhotoShope, but in Illustrator, and convert it from AI to XAML, or better, draw it immediately in Expression Blend and save it to XAML. Then this XAML can be added to the project and, building on it, build a new interface.

  • Thanks for the tactical tip-off. Tell me - the situation turns around 5 points .. What to do if the design is already in PSD. Do not redraw it in Illustrator correctly - is there a nito converter? And then the work is not cheap, as it were ... - Aios
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    Converter is not. PSD is raster, and XAML is a vector. You can, if necessary, cut the picture into pieces and use them as a background for individual interface elements. - Nicolas Chabanovsky
  • By the way, Expression Blend can import PSD - thanks for the tip again ... - Aios