Please tell me how for each menu item on the site you can add a block with the corresponding gallery to the sidebar. That is, a certain item corresponds to a certain gallery.

A gallery is simply a collection of images that are viewed through a Lightbox or something similar.

Joomla 1.5.

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    Already 3.0 came out) 1.5 holey like a colander - Sh4dow

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I hope you have k2.

Directly do not work. The principle is as follows:

  1. Create the necessary categories
  2. We fill there pictures (materials with an embedded image)
  3. We create a k2Content module and a template for it, which will display only the category name (without a link) + pictures from articles, something like

    <? foreach($list as $item) { ?> <a rel="lightbox" href="<?=$item->imageXLarge?>"><img src="<?=$item->imageXSmall?>" /></a> <? } ?> 
  4. We insert the module and rejoice.

With ordinary materials, we are looking for a module similar to k2Content and all the same.

With the binding of the gallery to the menu I promise a lot of problems, it is not worth it.