Advise SVN, which is best to put on Win7 (64bit). TortoiseSVN, as I understand it, does not work on Win7?

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  • five
    TortoiseSVN on win7 is coming - fogbit
  • Yes, thanks, I can already see - Heidel
  • comments are over, I will answer here. c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts use far, the explorer will not show this directory. the last link was on google =) with the svn servers request, there’s a lot going on there. - thunder
  • yes everything, with a host already understood) - Heidel
  • tell me. Please, why when trying to update a file, an error is generated , although TortoiseSVN - Release lock issues /4/2004853/76699210.png ? - Heidel

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Goes, it costs me and works on w7-64. There is also a subversion - Collab Subversion Client, for example.

there is 64bit , do not download 32bit version for 64bit OS, when there is a native version for the system. ;)

  • I download TortoiseSVN-, I launch the installation - - Heidel
  • So the package is broken, it is written the same. if it were incompatible, it would have written that way. - thunder
  • but in general there is 64bit - thunder
  • the same error popped up when installing TortoiseSVN-, but apparently the package was also damaged. after re-download everything was established. Tell me, do I understand correctly that TortoiseSVN only works in IE? - Heidel
  • ? it is built into the conductor kakbe ... and where is it? this is a client. - thunder