Need to do a newsletter for the site. How many letters can be satisfied with the capabilities of a standard Exim MTA?

I just decide the question - do I have to turn the letters inside the application and then send the letters on the crown, or is it just necessary to feed them MTA, and he himself organizes the queue and will serve it?

Can the MTA continue processing the queue after the drop?

  • postfix copes with a large volume of letters. It is worth as a post office. for 8 years of falling it was not ... mailq see the queue of letters if that. - thunder
  • large volumes is how much? Any special settings needed? - Herman
  • per second on average 3-5 letters +/-. settings - no, nothing like that. plus on the server are all sorts of postgrey, spamassassin, clamav, spamlists, plus a self-written script for processing certain commands ... does not slow down, lives its own life ... - thunder

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It is always better to outbid than to miss. Sometimes the restriction works unexpectedly and is very painful, especially if hosting someone. Find out from this someone how many maximum letters you can send and send about 10-20 less (in case you need to urgently send a letter). So cron will be optimal, while it is better to build the queue in the database, where you can easily track where you sent and for how long.

  • Yes, something I got used to my servers))) correctly noticed that it is necessary to learn from the hoster about the number of letters and negotiate with it if the numbers do not meet the hosting rules ... - thunder