Nothing before this. There is a layout in PSD, where to start? It would be necessary to break the big task into subtasks, but then I just enter into a stupor, although I know the whole theory.

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    Cut it to start, as it should, and Save for Web -> html and images. Or let's get a more specific question ... - thunder
  • How to cut the layout "as necessary"? - Dmitry Fedotkin 4:14
  • @FrenchCheese Show, by the way, the layout, for the sake of interest - I will try to suggest something else :) - Costantino Rupert
  • Here are two examples for which I decided to practice…… - by Dmitry Fedotkin

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  • Take HTML5 Boilerplate or any similar template .

  • In your head, break your layout into large logical blocks.

  • Read about Scaffolding.

  • Think about how to correctly enter your content into the grid, taking into account what you read about Scaffolding .

  • Gently div'ами from large to small - if for some block you still do not have high-quality content, but you know how it should look like, then replace it with a rectangle of the corresponding color and work it out when there is time.

Progressive dzhipega method, in short.

    1. Cut all the pictures (cut the layout completely and turn off the text blocks).
    2. Further from the top to the bottom we type up the blocks one by one (we write HTML and stylize it in accordance with the layout).
    3. We fasten the required scripts.
    4. PROFIT.

    I tried to break into subtasks - first I made the grid, then I tightened the background on all the elements, then the text, then the CSS and then, then, then ...
    In general, nothing worked. Over several years of experience, he stopped at the version above.