Can eat already somewhere an example of a subject? Be it a blog, or a chapter in a book.
Poke me, please nose :)


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    create a folder with leyautami named at the end of -land and you will be happy - Gorets

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A cho poke it? Detect the turn of the layout, and launch the desired Activity in this place.

Or am I missing something?

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    These are crutches and Hindu approach. - andrewshka
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    @NeoTvidoz as a question was asked, so you answered. - rasmisha

I found the answer myself. In order to automatically change the Activity when changing orientation, you need to create in the project folder "res / layout-land" an xml-file with the same name as in vertical orientation. Thus, in the folder "res / layout" - portrait orientation, and in the folder "res / layout-land" - landscape.

  • yourself? and a comment by @Gorets? - rasmisha
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    @rasmisha, so maybe he found it himself on the answer page?))) like you know the old joke, find X. <- here he is))) - Gorets
  • I saw the comment after I posted the answer :) - andrewshka
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    @NeoTvidoz is a standard way: 1 activation works with several layouts, but not different activations - to different orientations. The original question was incorrect. - Barmaley
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    @Barmaley here I am also. The author himself froze, and with crutches he called the answer to the question posed - rasmisha