Good day! Please tell me why the color of the text in TButton does not change: in the design time, the Button3.Font.Color changed: = clBlue; , I tried the same in wounds-time - it did not help.

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    Well, actually Button3.Font.Color: = clBlue; will change only the color of the label on the button. For button has no backgroud'a color property.

    Make an extended class for TButton and make it a new color property then you can change the color.

    Here is the material you can take from here.

    • Thank. I was told that TButton does not change the color of the inscription. I will use TBitBtn. - leklerk
    • Hmm, but I initially thought it was necessary to change the color of the button. But in any case it is better to use another component of bitbtn, it is more advanced. - Artem