I looked through everything. I do not know where the error is. I checked all the included files. The code of the plug-in did not change the codes: http://jsfiddle.net/UqGTJ/ Thanks in advance.

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    And why did you put the plugin script on jsFiddle? )) Are you going to use it or rewrite it for yourself? And there is not the most important thing - the initialization of this plugin. When you see the translation of similar manuals on some Russian-language site, then look for the official site of this plugin . Download the latest version and read the original instructions. Then his work is guaranteed.

    PS On jsFiddle, on the left in the menu, there is an item "Add Resources", where you need to connect external libraries, css, etc. Then it will work there . ))

    • did not work, because I connected jquery.nivo.zoom.js, not jquery.nivo.zoom.pack.js But why? I need to change the source of the plugin - olegall
    • all OK. works. I accidentally rubbed some lines. Thank! - olegall
    • If you are given the correct answer, select it and close the question. - thunder

    Do these mistakes tell you anything?

    alt text

    • I have no mistakes. Of course, I included firebug - olegall
    • @olegall you may have missed the base tag, but it’s clear from the code that this will not work in jsfiddle. - lampa
    • try to look at the eye, what is wrong - olegall
    • Well, excuse me, this is not 20 lines of native js, in order to determine by eye what is not working. Need a complete assembly. - lampa