Hello. On my page, the subscription form is installed on top of the photo. Tell me, please, how to move it down under the photo?

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    An example is needed. jsfiddle.net here make a test page. - Alex Kapustin
  • Now, I’ll go for the cards, tell what’s in there and explain .. a minute - Oleg Goryainov
  • Link to the page: vivasan.me/partner/samgul I didn’t use the fiddle service and figured it out for a long time, probably there is no time. Thanks to everyone who tells you how to fix the error. - samgul
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    @samgul, Oooh! So you have to pay for such services. Here such questions are not asked! Lay out a small piece of code and show what exactly fails. - Anton Mukhin

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Well, you and nakodili - damn your leg break))). Popup window is positioned by your script.

In the html page code, find lines 310 and 311:

e.style.left = (ww - ew) / 2 + d.body.scrollLeft + (i * 10); e.style.top = (wh - eh) / 2 + d.body.scrollTop + (i * 10); 

And completely replace them with:

 e.style.left = 400; e.style.top = 500; 

So it seems to be fine.

  • so there is a solution. why close the question ?? - Fagot Koroviev