Two conditions: Russian-speaking and the ability to set the initial background color of the editor and the initial color of the text. Or tell me, please, how to implement this in elrte. Thanks in advance.

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    TinyMCE - take yes connect your page styles.

    • And there it will be possible not just a constant, but a value from MySQL database? - sinedsem
    • So why not pass the value from mysql to the js variable? What is the difficulty? - lampa
    • one
      Thank you for your attention to my question, I will put the correct answer, but I figured it out myself (I wanted to try elrte first). There I went to elrte.min.js, found a line in which the document itself was created, the editor workspace and added the line <link rel = \ 'stylesheet \' type = \ 'text / css \' href = \ '/../ ../ css / elrte.php \ '/> It is in these styles that I have written what I need. - sinedsem
    • It is very good that you found the solution yourself! - lampa