Those. immediately make up the frame and gradually add graphics to it. The style of sites - minimalistic or font. Actively use technologies like Bootstrap, CSS solutions instead of graphics

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    Your question contains the answer ... What does the psd have to do with this? It is not at all clear ... Use what you want. There are programs - site builders, there are scripts - site builders. psd is convenient to cut graphics for example. But this is not a panacea. You can even make a layout in illustrator ... What is the difference? The customer orders, and you are already choosing the path of least resistance for yourself, so that it is convenient, high-quality and fast.

    • Yes, in principle, you are right) - Bandicoot87

    Watching what a task. For example, for web applications, you can start with bootstrap, where it is more important to just see the necessary information (inventory control, accounting for applications from the site, etc.). Sites focused on the sale of services / product more logical to start with a good design.

      And who forbids something? The surest way is to create a template engine.

      • The template engine and the layout are not the same. Sometimes I do this myself, I start to typeset and add graphics. The problem is that without knowing how the final result will look like, you can spend a lot of time on design and layout. - nMike
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        Template engine is used to distinguish between designer and developer. The developer has thrown the frame and saws with all my heart. Dopilil, retrained in the designer and brought to mind the design. - lampa
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        I also didn’t quite understand where the template engine .... the customer will come and say: I want an egg in the center of the page, and around it is the whole menu. you make a layout, then you make a template for it ... yes? - thunder
      • @thunder so a person wrote that "... develop the site ..." Maybe he wanted to sharpen the engine for the site layout. Ktozh knows him?) What is the question, such is the answer. - lampa
      • @lampa well, here it is, which side to look at))) but for some reason I didn’t have such a thought) - thunder