I have an API on the site that issues a string with XML when sending a GET request.

I managed to save this XML from the site to a file using this code:

Memo1.Text:=Idhttp1.get('http://justknow.ru/xml.php?key=c9fce58afb5d208b953b41e134dc6229&func=get&fid=1'); memo1.Lines.SaveToFile('xml.xml'); 

But now I don’t want to parse XML myself. Are there any standard components that will help to break all the XML code into some kind of array or database?

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    TXMLDocument from the Internet tab.


    Example here , documentation here .

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    There is a good library SimpleXML , you can try.

    The official site does not work, here is one of the links that I found in Google: SimpleXML .